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Why Spray Foam?

By March 22, 2019February 25th, 2021News

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of spray foam insulation, we’re here to help! Like other insulation products such as fiberglass insulation and cellulose insulation, spray foam insulation reduces heat transfer between spaces in a home. Spray foam insulation goes a step further by sealing air leaks in one step to prevent conditioned air from escaping.

Why does this matter?

Air leaks exist around the building envelope – the outermost layer of the home (exterior walls, rooflines, etc.). Air can leak through penetration points that are found around recessed lights, plumbing stacks, electrical wires, attic hatches/doors, chimneys and more. When air leaks are sealed, conditioned air you’ve already paid for stays inside your home. This results in your HVAC system working less and more money in your pocket.

When installing spray foam insulation, the building cavity is insulated and air sealed in one pass. This means one installation provides the thermal barrier and seals penetration points. Air sealing can be performed in combination with other types of insulation but requires additional labor on the project. If not applied precisely, this air sealing may not have the desired effect. With one spray foam application, you are assured that air leaks are completely sealed.

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