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How Spray Foam Insulation Works

By September 15, 2020February 25th, 2021News

Air leaks occur naturally as a result of the construction process. They are found around areas like windows, doors, vents, outlets, plumbing penetrations, and HVAC mechanicals. Air leaks allow conditioned indoor air to escape and unconditioned outdoor air to enter. This uncontrolled air transfer affects energy bills, home comfort, and indoor air quality.

In one step spray foam insulation insulates and seals air leaks in homes, businesses and commercial buildings. Spray foam insulation expands during application, not unlike how shaving cream expands when dispensed. When spray foam expands it fills cracks, crevices and penetration points in a cavity, expanding to seal these gaps. With one application your home, office or commercial building is insulated and air sealed.

For years it was believed that air leaks were important for adequate home ventilation. Today’s building science proves uncontrolled air leaks can cause too much air to enter or leave the home which can result in poor indoor air quality and increased energy bills. Spray foam insulation seals uncontrolled air leaks after which mechanical ventilation can be installed to properly manage air exchanges.

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